Our Story

Isla & Co was born not only through a passion for jewellery, but also through the frustration we experienced seeing all of our favourite, every day pieces tarnish and fade after a couple of wears. We became determined to create a brand that could offer high quality, tarnish free and durable jewellery. Our gold jewellery can be worn in the shower, worn to the gym, you can spray it with perfume - and they will not fade!

Isla & Co offers affordable pieces that will allow you to build on your jewellery collection over time and wear them for years to come. To us, jewellery is a way to express your own beautifully unique and individual style. Whether you’re after a minimalist or statement piece, we want to help empower you to express who you are through our jewellery.

Sustainability is incredibly important to us and we are doing all we can to minimise the negative impact we may have on our beautiful planet. All our packaging is recycled, recyclable or reusable. We are currently looking at ways we can improve our sustainability status and we’ll never stop trying to improve this side of the brand.

Isla & Co is named after two fluffy Ragdoll cats who never leave our side, to the point where we joked that they’re pretty much business partners!

Thank you for your support
Ally x